Music Row Photography Provides Music and Event Photography to Nashville and the Middle Tennessee area.


Wedding Photographer

Portraits and headshot photographer

Senior portraits

Lifestyle / action imagery

Musician, portrait and performances

Model / actor / corporate images and headshots

Digital image retouching and color management

Editorial pictures

Family photographer

Agency photographer


About Music Row Photography:

Our passion is to focus on you and what your needs are, and give you the personalized attention you need to look your best! I am friendly and put my clients at ease during the whole appointment process, consultations available upon request! I understand each client, individual and commercial, are all unique, all have different needs, different budgets, different personalities, etc. my job is to accommodate, and provide for you with my straightforward and no nonsense way of doing business!

Please contact us by phone @ 615.986.8082 or send an e mail giving us some details about the wedding and location, and we will guarantee you a prompt and competitive price quote! we look forward to earning your business!

Why hire a professional photographer?

Each subject is different, whether the shape of their face, complexion, etc. there are different ways to properly capture each characteristic, and wrong ways to do so. Angles are important, as is lighting style, as dependent upon your subject, also very important. also connectivity / comfort between the photographer and their subject are key to making a successful portrait! understanding all of those factors and making them work together are what it takes to capture a flattering and successful image! whether a professional image or a personal memory, successful and strong images have a far greater value than a few dollars saved, for lesser quality! I hope these Q&A’s have been helpful, if you feel any additional ones on this page would be helpful, your suggestions are always welcome! thanks always for your support!

What is digital retouching?

it’s actually a very important part of completing the image, if done tastefully and not overdone. it varies from smoothing skin (I like to retain natural texture, no mannequin effect), fixing blemishes, whitening teeth and eyes, fixing under eyes, wrinkles on clothing, etc. that is part of the imagery service I provide for my clients, and for any prints I make! when you hire a photographer, your images should look perfect, rather than good!



Chris Jones

Music Row Photography